English and Maths
GCSE English is very often required at grade 4 at least. At many universities, this is a universal entry requirement for any course. Mathematics is also often required at grade 4 at least at some universities.
Modern Foreign Languages
Currently University College London (UCL) is the only Russell Group institution to require a Modern Foreign Language GCSE at grade 4 or above for all of its programmes. 
Course specific GCSE requirements – For selective universities
For many courses a 5/6 grade at least in GCSE English is needed with science and engineering courses in particular often specifying this. Equally, courses such as Business and Psychology, which may attract applicants who aren’t necessarily strong mathematicians, commonly ask for a 5/6 grade mathematics, in some cases, sciences.
•Applicants to study Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science are usually required to have very good GCSE results across a range of subjects, for example, a number of medical courses ask for five (sometimes more) 8/9 grades, to include very good grades in Maths, Science and English 
•Applicants to study Teacher Training are required to have a minimum grade 4 in GCSE Maths, Science and English. Some universities may ask for a minimum of grade 5/6.
•For a degree in English, universities often look for applicants to have a GCSE in a language.
•For a Business degree, sometimes at least a grade 5/6, in GCSE Maths is required.
•A grade 5/6 in maths is often required for a degree in Psychology, and a grade 5/6 in science may sometimes be required.
•To study a science subject at university, applicants who are not offering Maths at advanced level will often need to have achieved a minimum of a grade 4 in Maths at GCSE.

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