House system launched Over the last week we have been talking to the students about the new House system that we are launching and today they are all being told which House they will be joining from the start of next week. We are really excited to have the house system in place in time for sports day in the last week of term. Students will be competing and earning points for their new house and getting a head start for the new academic year!

Houses will be linked to Curriculum Areas and the names are associated with inspirational people linked to that area. The House names that have been chosen are:

• Chaundler (Christine Chaundler, prolific children’s author from Biggleswade) – English and Languages

• Turing (Alan Turing, WW2 code breaker and the influence behind the development of theoretical computer science) – Maths and Computing & Commerce

• Franklin (Rosalind Franklin, biophysicist whose work led to understanding the molecular structure of DNA) – Science & Technology

• Adlam (Tom Edwin Adlam, Bedfordshire soldier who survived WW1 and WW2 and was awarded the Victoria Cross) – Humanities

• King (Matt King OBE, a most inspirational ex-student of Stratton who faced adversity head on and overcame exceptional challenges to achieve his aspirations) – PE/Sport and Creative Arts

Students and staff alike are looking forward with enthusiasm to some healthy rivalry in the bid to make their House top of the league table.


CMAT Arts Festival

The CMAT Arts Festival kicked off this week with the Dance and Secondary Showcases:

CMAT DANCE SHOWCASE: Wednesday, June 23rd, 6.30pm - (featuring dance from: NCA, AC, NPA, SUS, SVC, SWA, TFS)

CMAT SECONDARY SHOWCASE: Thursday, June 24th, 6.30pm - (featuring music and drama from all our secondaries)

If you missed these events they are available to watch at your convenience by clicking on the links above. We have had some lovely feedback from parents so please do take a look. There are two more showcases to look forward to next week:

CMAT PRIMARY SHOWCASE: Tuesday, June 29th, 6.30pm

CMAT’s GOT VIRTUAL TALENT, THE FINAL: Friday, July 2nd, 6.30pm

I am sure you will join me in congratulating Stratton students who have taken part in these events – we are very proud of every one of them.


Yours faithfully

Roz Hodges