With GO 4 Schools parents can access today's assessment, attendance and behaviour information as well as their child's timetable and progress reports. You have everything you need in one place and, crucially, what you see is in step with the latest information available within the school – not just a progress report from 6 weeks ago.
Key Features:
• 24/7 access to today's information about your son’s/daughter's education, including target grades and attendance statistics.
• Real-time, subject-specific assessment information and course descriptions.
• Real-time behaviour information and the total number of sanction/reward points given.
• Access to progress reports online, either as web pages or as PDFs that you can print at home.
• You can check your son’s/daughter’s timetable online.
• You can notify the school of changes to your contact details online.
• A clear view of Extended Learning Activities (homework) set, due dates and homework content to enable you to support your child’s independent learning.

Example screen shots for the information you will be able to access whenever you wish:

At a glance information on current progress in relation to target grades
Daily timetable at a glance –access to full weekly timetable at the click of a button

Detailed progress and a breakdown of assessments for each subject

Up-to-date, attendance and behaviour information. A weekly behaviour update email is also sent home to keep you informed.
Copies of all previous reports to refer to whenever you want them.

Feedback from parents so far has been really positive, and students are able to keep on track with their attendance and progress as well as see all of their positive behaviour points accumulate!

Working together, parents, students and teachers, really can achieve great outcomes for all!