SOS+ gangs and county lines Bedfordshire parents’ awareness session

Please find attached details of webinars from St Giles, a commissioned service who work with a number of our young people.

These webinars are aimed at parents and are awareness sessions around county lines, drugs and knife crime.

Our Gangs & County Lines Parents’ Session consists of speakers utilising their lived experience within the criminal justice system to unpack and explore the realities and consequences of county lines drug smuggling, gang involvement, criminal exploitation and serious youth violence. Perspectives from previous perpetrators and runners/transporters, combined with relevant case studies, aid audiences in gaining an authentic and credible understanding of this complex and cross cutting issue. The session will allow parents to identify signs and triggers that a young person might be involved in a county line and know how to appropriate respond.”


St Giles aims to break the cycle of prison, crime and disadvantage to create safer communities by supporting people to change their lives.
We use expertise and lived experiences to empower people who are not getting the help they need, who are hard to engage because they have been repeatedly failed – held back by poverty, exploited, abused, dealing with mental health problems, caught up in crime or a combination of these issues.