COVID-19 Testing Instruction Video

We are really excited to welcome students back into school. All students and staff have been offered a rapid COVID-19 test to ensure our school is safe when we return.

Students should watch the video below for more information on the process of Lateral Flow Testing and what to expect when they arrive for their test. Students need to make sure that they arrive for their test on time so that testing can be completed as efficiently as possible. 


Rapid coronavirus testing and phased return of students from 8th March

In order to manage the scale of testing required, we must invite year groups back in a staggered order. We are also required to carry out 3 tests for each student with each test being between 3- 5 days after the previous one. In order to achieve this, we are staggering the return of year groups as shown in the table below. Once each year group begins to attend school, they are then with us full time, so on the 15th March, we will once again have a full school.

This is a significant logistical operation, and our testing facility will be running continuously for just over two weeks from Friday 5th March. This is going to be an intense period, as we conduct around 2500 tests in a couple of weeks.

Some important notes regarding the phased return.

  • Year groups will have their first test on the school day prior to their return date
  • Until the point of return as scheduled above, all year groups will continue to receive live remote lessons. However, as students will find it difficult to attend all live lessons on the day they are having their first test, teachers are being asked to set remote work for all students to complete at a time that suits them. Therefore, there will be no live lessons for that year group on their testing date. Please refer to the table above for the first testing dates for each year group.
  • We are asking parents to make an appointment for a designated time slot for their child’s first test through our parents’ evening booking system. Please only book one appointment slot per student with any of the staff listed. The whole year group will then return to school on the day following that first test (excluding any positive tests). This also applies to any students for whom testing consent has not been given.

Appointments will open for bookings from Wednesday 3rd March at 8am and close on Thursday 4th March at 12 noon to allow us time to make the required arrangements at our Stratton testing centre. The appointments can be booked through our usual booking system. To this end, please visit to book your appointments. Login with the following information:

Student’s First Name:
Student’s Surname:
Student’s Date of Birth DD/MM/YYYY

You will also need to enter your title e.g. Mr/Mrs/Miss – as we have it recorded on the school system, along with your surname – again this should be the same as we have it on the school system. You are not required to enter your forename. If you have trouble logging in, please email the office (as detailed below) to confirm the details we hold for you.


Ongoing Student Testing

By necessity, students will be leaving lessons to partake in the mass testing for their second and third tests, according to a rigid timetable which will be sent to parents, students and staff. We will publish the full schedule as soon as we have it and we are aiming to conclude the three tests for every student by the early part of the week commencing 22nd March 2021. This will ensure that when we return from the Easter break, all students and staff will be on a twice weekly programme of home testing.

Home testing kits will be delivered to the school and we will distribute them to students to bring home and begin twice weekly testing at home from Easter. The kits provide full instructions, and the swabbing procedures are very similar to how we conduct the tests in our Stratton on-site testing facility.

Full national guidance regarding the return of students can be found here: