At Stratton Upper School we use a range of online services. You can find information below on how to log in and access these.


Microsoft Office 365

All students at Stratton Upper School are provided with a Microsoft Office 365 account. This provides them with a school email address, online and downloadable versions of Microsoft Office, and access to Microsoft Teams.


Students login details

You can login and access all services from

Login details are the same as students use to log into the school computer systems. Usernames take the form of the following structure (year of entry, surname, first initial of first name) (e.g. 18bloggsj)

Username: <username>

Password: Same password they set on the school systems


I have forgotten my school computer system password.

In order to reset the password on Office 365, the password must be reset on the school computer system. Any student that requires their password to be reset that cannot get into school, will need to get a parent to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from an email account registered with the school.

(Please provide the student name and year group)



Students have access to Go4Schools for access to homework, grades and attendance. Students log in to Go4Schools using their school email address.

If students have forgotten their password, they can go through the reset password option. This sends a reset password email to their school email account.


Seneca Learning

Many schools have used Seneca Learning to assist with their revision.

Students have set up their own accounts for this system, so as a school, we are unable to reset passwords or provide access.


Student intranet site

Students can access the student intranet site outside of school. This is through Microsoft Office 365 menus and a link on the front page of the school website.

The student intranet site will contain links to online resources that the students can use, and will contain all the network shared drive files, so students can find work or resources that have been shared by teachers.