Year 8 to 9 Transition


By now you should all have received confirmation of your placement at Stratton Upper School in September.  We look forward to meeting with you all over the coming months.

Detailed below is a list of key dates when information will be provided to you to ensure a smooth transition, please make a note of these.

The transition documents are being sent out via the middle schools to parents and are also available on Stratton’s website for you to download and complete as necessary.  The documents can be found here below and are required to be completed by Friday 4th June 2021.  Please send your completed hard copy documents (electronic copies will not be accepted) to Stratton Upper School FAO Head of Transition, address provided below.

We are asking all students to complete this form   to provide us with information regarding friendship groups.

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold our uniform evening this year but we have included some sizing guidelines, pricing information and delivery details from our uniform supplier Price & Buckland. All uniform items can be found on the supplier’s website 

All uniform orders will be available for home delivery only and the last possible order date will be shown on the website.

The PE department has also asked if students could complete the following questionnaire 

In the meantime if you have any queries please contact the school at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Take a look at our School Tour to take a virtual look around our school and be introduced to our faculty staff.

School Tour


Key dates for parents/students –


Week beginning 17th May & 24th May                Assemblies in middle schools with Mrs Vincent and Miss Hunstone



Week beginning 31st May                Transition paperwork needs to be returned to Stratton Upper School



Head of Transition

Stratton Upper School

Eagle Farm Road



SG18 8JB



Week beginning 5th July                       Tutor Group allocation assembly with Mrs Vincent and Miss Hunstone


Thursday 8th July                                  First transition day at Stratton Upper – students to arrive for 8.40am in current school uniform.



Friday 9th July                                      Second transition day at Stratton Upper – students to arrive for 8.40am in current school uniform.