Stratton Library is an integral resource within the school community. Students and staff are welcome throughout the day to find books and information, and to read or work quietly in the study area.

Access to the internet and school intranet provides students with the ever-increasing wealth of information found online, including additional access to online journals.

Classes visit the library during lessons, spending the hour undertaking research, reading independently or as a class. The weekly lunchtime reading and chess clubs are very popular, bringing together students from all year groups.

The library staff are always happy to help anyone find the information they need, or to suggest something they might enjoy reading. The aim is to encourage students to open their minds to the knowledge available to those who search for it, to find pleasure in reading and to share their own experiences.

• Library Search (catalogue of resources) networked across the school
• internet access
• school network access
• information (non-fiction) books to support the curriculum and wider interests
• fiction books at all levels
• newspapers and magazines
• DVDs
• information files
• Staff Library
• links to other library collections

Opening times:
Monday  8.20am - 3.40pm
Tuesday 8.40am - 3.40pm
Wednesday 8.20am - 3.40pm
Thursday 8.40am - 3.40pm
Friday 8.20am - 3.40pm