Stratton Upper is a 13 to 19 school with a roll approaching 1,000 students, including Sixth Form.  We are the only upper school serving Biggleswade and the surrounding villages.  This has both advantages and responsibilities.  An advantage is that any competition from neighbouring schools is minimal and this has enabled us to develop increasingly collaborative relationships with them.  Our unequivocal responsibility however, is to ensure that we support the needs of all students within our catchment.  It follows that we accommodate students from across the full spectrum of ability and that we are truly inclusive.

Our Stratton catchment area incorporates the town of Biggleswade and a number of small villages in the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire countryside.

Biggleswade lies on the A1 and mainline railway, making it an ideal town for commuting into London (35 min to King's Cross).  Other centres of employment include Cambridge, Bedford, Stevenage, Milton Keynes and Peterborough.  Each of these towns and cities are accessible within 45 min travel time from Biggleswade.  Employment in Biggleswade has traditionally been in market gardening and engineering.  Both these industries still have a presence in the area, but are no longer the significant employers they once were.

Biggleswade is set to expand over the coming years.  Population is expected to rise by at least 25% and we are already seeing significant economic investment in the town.  Biggleswade has been featured in a number of national newspapers as the place to live, combining with its strong communication links, reasonable house prices and good schools.

The school is ready for an expected expansion in numbers due to these demographic changes.  Our new science centre was opened in September 2017 and has provided the additional 13 classrooms needed.

The welfare and well-being of all members of our community is of central importance and we expect staff, pupils and students to give high priority to the needs of others and their development.  The school is known for its strong pastoral care and support for students with special educational needs and disabilities.

We are embarking on an ambitious programme to raise standards, transform our curriculum and help our students realise what they are truly capable of achieving.  Our ambition for school improvement continues with even more purpose, driven by our commitment to open as many opportunities for our students as we possibly can.

In practice, our approach is based on high expectations, high aspirations and high levels of trust.  Our starting point is our working assumption that staff and students alike are committed to personal fulfilment and expect to work in an environment of success and respect.